Powerlines Our Experience

Energy Markets Group

Conducts seminars for international utility executives and regulatories in countries including Bangladesh, Senegal, Gabon, and Sri Lanka.

Energy Services Providers, Inc.

Served on the Board of Directors of a retail load serving entity.

TransÉnergie U.S. Ltd

Advised management on economic, regulatory, and reliability issues pertaining to merchant transmission in Australia, New England, and New York.

The NRG Companies

Provided economic expert testimony regarding the New York ISO’s proposed market monitoring and mitigation proposals.

TransCanada Power Marketing Ltd

Testified before an arbitrator regarding automatic generation control lost opportunity cost calculation, which concluded with a favorable ruling and monetary judgment.

Delmarva Power & Light

Provided public policy analysis and testimony of retail billing issues involving a dispute between Delmarva Power & Light and the Staff of the Delaware Public Service Commission

New York Independent System Operator

Advised the General Counsel and other departments on a variety of issues including price-responsive load, installed capacity, and energy clearing price determinations. Advised senior management on reliability policies.

Hydro Québec Energy Services (U.S.)

Provided economic and regulatory advice in support of a regulatory filing to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Sithe Energies, Inc.

Advised senior executives on electricity restructuring issues in New England and to a lesser extent in New York. During this period, represented Sithe Energies, Inc. and Independent Power Producers on a variety of New England Power Pool (NEPOOL) committees, including the Markets Operations Committee (MOC). As a member of the MOC, negotiated market rules for energy and ancillary services. In addition, participated on behalf of Sithe Energies, Inc. in NEPOOL's congestion management negotiations.


Built electric power-system reliability model for an industrial facility and assisted in performance of associated analysis.

Pennsylvania Power & Light and PPL Global

Case manager of a team that analyzed issues associated with restructuring the electric power industry including forecasting market price of electricity, stranded cost analysis, market power, and rate design. Conducted market analyses and electricity price forecasts for international generation developer

Northeast Utilities

Member of NU's team that renegotiated the New England Power Pool (NEPOOL) agreement. Chaired a working group that analyzed market power issues associated with a proposed bid system, which would replace the current cost-based dispatch system. Drafted testimony for state regulatory proceedings on proposed changes to the NEPOOL agreement.


Assisted firm's power marketing team in competing in three retail pilot programs in New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. Provided advice on power pool operations, transmission tariffs, financial risk, price forecast, and marketing.

E D & F Man

Lead consultant in analyzing a $10 million, international cogeneration plant expansion. Conducted on-site seminars for traders in preparation for the introduction of electricity futures and options contracts by the New York Mercantile Exchange.

Florida Gas Transmission Company

Researched and drafted testimony for an incentive-based proposal for an interstate natural gas pipeline. Prepared market power study regarding secondary capacity and interruptible markets.

Major Oil Refinery

Case manager for anti-trust litigation. Key economic issues involved strategic pricing, market structure, and price signaling.

Natural Gas Distribution Company

Co-leader of a project that advised executives and managers on business and regulatory responses to natural gas distribution unbundling.


Member of client's team that negotiated power supply arrangements for retail wheeling pilot.

Major U.S. Independent Power Producer

Analyzed independent power producer contract disputes and anti-trust allegations. Areas of analysis included market structure, power plant performance, system dispatch operation, and raising rival's capital costs through anti-competitive acts.

Gaviota Terminal Company

Conducted cost of capital study for Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Proceeding.